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signature bowls

These pieces are meant to make a statement.  While still completely functional (and food safe), they are colorful, sculptural, and textural.  They emphasize the spectacular trees they came from, the hand-carved tooling, and pops of color.
These bowls are meant to be out everyday, anchoring a table or room.  When it's party time, feel free to wipe them down and put them to service for a special meal.


A note on pricing...

These bowls take all the skill I've developed in over a decade of carving, dozens of hours of work, and months of drying to come to completion.  This all results in a final price that is unaffordable to many.  They are being offered on a sliding pricing scale to make them more accessible to people with a variety of incomes. 

On the product page for each bowl, you'll see a drop down menu with several price options.  I am truly happy putting craft into appreciative homes, so please pick what's right for you. That being said, this system relies on some people selecting the higher prices if they can afford to do so.  I also welcome any constructive thoughts or feedback on this system. 

Thank you. 

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